Boston Mycological Club

			      <em>Craterellus cornucopioides</em> on moss. 
					Bridgton, Maine. 
                              By Philip Delany. 
			      <em>Fistulina hepatica</em> on dead standing hardwood. 
					Hamlen Woods; Wayland, MA.
                              By David Babik. 
			      <em>Sparassis crispa.</em>
                              At base of Red (?) Pine tree. 
                              Harold Parker State Forest; North Andover, MA.
                              By David Babik. 
			      <em>Continarius iodes.</em>
                              On leaf litter.
                              Hamilton, MA.
                              By David Babik. <
			      <em>Entoloma salmoneum.</em>
                              On moss.
                              Waterville Valley, NH.
                              By Joel Kershner. 
			      <em>Tylopilus badiceps.</em>
                              On leaf litter under oak.
                              Great Brook Farm State Pk.; Carlisle, MA.
                              By Jeramy Webb. 
			      <em>Boletus parasiticus.</em>
                              On moss.
                              Hamilton Woods, Hamilton, MA.
                              By David Babik. 
			      <em>Clavulinopsis fusiformis.</em>
                              On moss.
                              Waterville Valley, NH.
                              By Joel Kershner. 
			      <em>Coltricia cinnamomea.</em>
                              On leaf litter.
                              By Joel Kershner. 
			      <em>Stereum ostrea.</em>
                              On dead log.
                              Arnold Arboretum; Boston, MA.
                              By Joel Kershner. 
			      <em>Xylaria polymorpha.</em>
                              On wood chips.
                              Jamaica, VT.
                              By Joel Kershner. 
			      <em>Bonderzewia berkeleyi.</em>
                              On deciduous tree. Acorn lends a sense of size.
                              Boston, MA near Jamaica Pond.
                              By Joel Kershner. 
			      <em>Polyporus squamosus.</em>
                              On maple tree.
                              Framingham, MA.
                              By David Babik. 
			      <em>Amanita muscaria.</em>
			      Craigsville MA.
			      By George Riner. 
			      <em>Ganoderma tsugae.</em>
			      Eagle Hill; Steuben, ME.
			      By Jeramy Webb.
  • BMC Talk - The Science Underground: Mycology as a Queer Discipline - Patty Kaishian - Friday, Feb. 26th For members only.
  • BMC Talk - Wet and Wild Theories on the Evolution of truffle-like Fungi- Emma Harroweret - Friday, March 5th 7pm EST For members only.
  • BMC Talk - The Kitchen Mycologist - Eugenia Bone - Saturday, March 20th For members only.
  • BMC Bulletin, November 2020, Vol. 75, No. 2 For members only.
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    The oldest amateur mycology club in the United States, the Boston Mycological Club was organized in 1895 to study mushrooms and other fungi, to collect and spread information concerning them, and to encourage interest with exhibitions, lectures, and publications.
  • Eating Mushrooms Safely PDF
    Don't know the mushroom? Don't eat it! For medical help with suspected mushroom poisonings, call the national poison hotline number (1-800-222-1222).
    By Susan Goldhor

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