Boston Mycological Club

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2017 Activities

The Bread and Butter of Winter Fungi (Feb. 2017) By Lisa Mediano

2016 Activities

2016 Annual Christmas Walk (Dec. 2016) By Lawrence Millman

2016 BMC Annual Duff Sale Report (Dec. 2016) By Lisa Mediano

2016 BMC Fall Banquet at EVOO - Menu and Photo Highlights (Nov. 2016)

2015 Activities

2015 BMC Fall Banquet at EVOO (Nov. 2015) By Tyler Akabane.

Growing Mushrooms at Home (May 2015) By Anna Seitz.

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms in Topsfield (April 2015) By Hadas Yanay.

2014 Activities

2014 Annual Duff Sale Report (December 2014) By Susan Goldhor.

Slides from Professor John Halamka's talk on Mushroom Poisonings, Diagnosis & Treatment (April 2014) By Dr. John Halamka.

2014 Chinatown Foray (March 2014) By Claire and Michael King.

Winter Foray at Wachusett Meadow Audubon Sanctuary (Feb. 2014) By Dave Babik.

A Cheesy Lecture at the Herbaria (Jan. 2014) By David Babik.

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