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General Keys and Blogs
  • Cornell Mushroom Blog
    Kathie Hodge's incredibly fun and educational blog. A must-see blog!
  • Foreign Names of Mushrooms
    Lists some twenty mushrooms typically found in the US, provides their Latin binomials, and their names in several European and Asian languages.
  • Fungi Growing on Wood
    Keys, photographs, and descriptions of macroscopic fungi utilizing wood as a substrate in the northeast United States.
    Excellent guidelines for beginners on collecting mushrooms.
    A fantastic website with up-to-date nomenclature, tons of pictures, and guidelines for beginners on collecting, microscopy, and trees.
  • Mushroom Observer
    Post pictures, generate lists, and view the finds of amateur and professional mycologists from across the globe.
  • Mycokey
    A fungus identification and information system. In MycoKey you can search for genera and species or use the dynamic, morphing mushroom identifier to name your specimens and find thousands of photos and descriptions.
  • RogersMushrooms
    A one-stop compendium of all things mycological
  • Virtual Mycology - World Wide Web
    Although this virtual library was last updated 2005, and will not be updated, the old web pages are still available on this site.
  • Tom Volk's Fungi
    Dr. Volk's voluminous website, check out the fungus of the month archive.
  • Go Botany: New England Wild Flower Society
    Go Botany has a synoptic key which is useful for tree and plant identification.
  • Triage (A Synoptic Key) for North American Boletes: The Bolete Filer
    Scott Pavelle's online filter for Bolete identification.

Member Websites
  • Russ Cohen gives walks and courses on edible wild plants. For a schedule of his activities, check his website.
  • Wanda Metcalf creates paintings of nature using watercolors and computer techniques. See an on-line gallery of her work at her website.
  • Lawrence Millman is an avid mycologist and writer. Larry recently published Fascinating Fungi of New England, the first book to be devoted exclusively to New England fungi. Please read about Larry and his work at his website.


  • Ascofrance
    A forum dedicated to Ascomycetes. Users can interface in either English or French by clicking on the French or British flags at the top of the page. You can download articles, view images, and post.
  • Beginners Guide to the Earth Tongues

  • Home of the Hysteriaceae, Mytilinidiaceae & Gloniaceae
    In depth information on these ubiquitous microfungi, many of which can be found in New England. Keys, phylogenetic information and historical notes along with easy to read methodologies for studying these gorgeous bitunicate ascos.
  • Home of the Xylariaceae
    Jack Rogers et al. An amazing website full of information on the genera xylariaceae and its species.
  • Hypomyces Home
    An interactive key to the species of Hypomyces.
  • Myconet and Outline of the Ascomycota
    Myconet 14 (2010) has the new Outline
  • Don Pfister's Lab at the Harvard Herbaria
    Dr. Pfister is our Club's scientific advisor. Don's expertise is in discomycetes and this site has numerous resources including a nomenclatural revision to Seaver's North American Cup Fungi (Operculates) and a searchable bibliography. Profiles of staff and volunteers at the Harvard Herbaria, with contact information, are also available.
  • Xylariaceae
    Keys to the many genera and species of the Xylariaceae. These are fungi like our common Daldinia concentrica (carbon-cushions) and Xylaria polymorpha (dead man's fingers).


BMC Walks: Fungi Found

Classes and Forays - US and International

Clubs and Organizations

  • Bibliography of Systematic Mycology
    Use the BSM to search by genus or author to find available literature on that topic
  • Index Fungorum
    A nomenclatural website where you can search for the current name of a fungus, find citations for descriptions, or search the Bibliography of Systematic Mycology for articles on genera and authors. An invaluable resource!
  • Mycobank
    Similar to Indexfungorum, where you can search for current names and synonomies, as well as find descriptions of many fungi. Equally invaluable!
  • Mycology Collections Portal
    Data derived from universities, botanical gardens, museums, and agencies that provide taxonomic, environmental, and specimen-based information.

Educational Institutions

Educational Resources
  • Fungi for Schools
    An integrated collection of teaching resources by the British Mycological Society.

  • Hollis Catalog
    Harvard's library holdings catalog. This page has information on using Hollis. Search for citations of articles and books online and visit the Harvard Herbaria libraries to acquire your materials. For information on library hours and access, click here
  • World Cat
    A great and easy to use way of searching for books in libraries near you. Often times, you may be able to request an item through your local library's interlibrary loan program. Talk to your local librarian for details.



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